Angel's Plume- Tall feather that revives KO'd ally and slightly restores HP

Antidote- Poison-Neutralizing medicine. Recovers one party member from poison

Antidote Brooch- A Brooch containing a piece of ore that acts as a powerful antidote to poison.

Aqua Bomb- A magic stone that inflicts light water element damage on one enemy.

Beast's Horn- Beast's horn used in a wide range of items.

Berserker Necklace- A Berserker's Necklace that gushes with power in times of need. Increase Mag and Phy attack in crit HP

Bruiser Ring- a Ring that slightly strengthens the wearer's physical attack

Cold water stone- A smooth, cold, aqua colored stone.

Cure-All- A miracle medicine that recovers one party member from any status ailment

Fire Bomb- A Magic stone that inflicts light fire element damage on one enemy.

Hawk Eye- Magical earrings that reveal your enemy's special abilities.

Healing Medicine- Medicine that slightly restores HP of one party member

Holy Knight Charm- A Holy Knight's Seal that raises defense in times of need. During Critical HP

Knight's Code- A Book that describes how to raise one's defensive skills

Magma Fragment- A piece of magma that still retains heat.

Mana Herb- Magic medicine that slightly restores MP of one party member

Name Plate- Found Dropped on the Highlands of Wohl

Platinum Gauntlet- A gauntlet of platinum imbued with healing magic power- Heals when defend

Platinum Sword- Starting Weapon for Kaim

Poison Oil- Taken from the body of a poison-Spitting creature

Power Drink- A drink that raises an ally's physical power during battle.

Quality Iron sand- Raw iron imbued with the power of the earth.

Search Glasses- A Magic Lens that reveals your enemy's lifeforce

Seed- A Regular seed that you would find anywhere.

Sharp Beak- The kind of beak that most birds have

Whetstone- A common stone used to sharpen weapons.

Wind Bomb- A magic stone that inflicts light wind element damage on one enemy

Wind seal leaf- A yellow leaf with a gentle wind blowing across its surface