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(In Game Description)

Zafira was born and raised in a neighboring country called Al-Sharaf, and soon after adulthood she joined her country's army and became a respectable knight. She quickly rose through the ranks and achieved the highest place of honor in her army as the Grand Antaris. She recieved Orion, a pegasus, as a gift from the sultan of Al-Sharaf for merit in times of war. She has a very similar mindset to Oliver and they might have been the best of friends from the start if only her country and Oliver's Realm were not enemies and at war for years! both warriors met at the battlefield, but after a magical spell gone wrong they had to work together to survive. What once was enmity turned into a respectful rivalry and later into friendship! Together they put an end to the war and went back home with peace in their hearts! Some years later a letter reached the desert kingdom asking for help in a fight against a dragon that had taken the princess of the realm captive and Zafira volunteered to help. And for the first time she fought, mounted on her flying horse, alongside her friend Oliver.